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Hitta Castro

Hitta Castro (born August 11, 1987), is an American rapper and songwriter of the genres Hip Hop and reggaeton. He is best known for hits such as “Bounce It Low”, “Darkness Bright”, “Don’t Worry”, “G.O.M”, “What’s The Move”, and “In My Feelings”, the last song from his 2020 album I Will P.U.S.H. He has frequently collaborated with other artists such as Snow Tha Product, Twisted Insane, Shawty Lo, and Cuban Link, Skinnyfromthe9. Born in Lynn, Massachusetts to a Puerto Rican mother and a Puerto Rican father, his family moved to San Diego when he was 12 years old.

He began recording music at age fourteen, While in San Diego he was in and out of trouble with the law and end up doing few years in jail when Hitta Castro was released in December 2005 he recording music and put the music on Myspace and eventually caught the attention of Young Kaii in Providence Rhone Island where Hitta Castro end up moving to.

The two formed the group Artablaze, which was active from late 2006 to 2011. The pair split and Hitta Castro career quickly took a sharp decline, followed by a period of legal struggles He then moved to Orlando Florida, where he rejuvenated his career and developed a more melodic style of music, He was locked in the studio with his cousin also producer 3FoldTino, which proved to be popular through the release of the singles “Money Back” and “Black Bandana” in 2014.

Hitta Castro has also acted in the films Changes Of Plans God Ways (2014) and The Polka King (2017) 1987-05: Early life career beginnings Hitta Castro was born on August 11, 1987, in Lynn, Massachusetts to a Puerto Rican mother and Puerto Rican father. While in Massachusetts, he developed an affinity for hip-hop, specifically East Coast acts The Sugarhill Gang and LL Cool J. When Hitta Castro was 12 years old, his family moved to Imperial Beach, California, Hitta Castro initially experienced culture shock upon moving to Imperial Beach, Despite the difficult start, he quickly made friends in his neighborhood and after spending time in the streets, was inspired to pursue a musical career.

He originally went by the moniker “Ace Da Hard Hitta”, Then Latter To “Hard Hitta”, Eventually changed it to Hitta Castro for more of a marketable name. While in San Diego, Hitta Castro begins getting in trouble with his friends doing a few months here and there in juvenile hall and at the age 16 got locked up and did two years 2005-11: career beginnings and art ablaze Despite his legal struggles, he managed to gain popularity in San Diego as a hip-hop freestyle artist, and eventually met, Young Kaii. After being released from jail he moved to Providence Rhode Island. Hitta Castro recalled that Young Kaii was familiar with his work, through myspace, “she messages me and said, ‘I like your style.’ T

he two artists then formed a duo called Artablaze. The duo achieved success in the New England area through hit singles such as “Hated By Many” and “Rockstar”. However, Hitta Castro and Young Kaii overtime started to have different ideas in there career, where Young Kaii was just coming out as a lesbian artist and Hitta Castro wanted to have a different sound. Artablaze separated in 2011 after a falling out between the two musicians. After the breakup of Artablaze, Hitta Castro struggled personally and once again was getting caught dealing with the law facing charges but end up beating the case.

Hitta Castro started a new group called ” Hitta Soldiers” that had a few artists he believed in female artist Suhaze, Bebo Hood star, P Da Hotspitta, Skaz OG, Tatgun Play, and Kyah Tha Prince. When Forming This Group there first song “We Taken Over” was reaching a lot of people’s ears in the city. Hitta Castro was working hard and managed to get on 106 & park.

While the group was doing good working on the project ” Welcome To The Infantry The Mixtape” outside the studio each artist was dealing with there own struggles which ended the group. 2011-2018: Career renewal and successful singles In 2012, Hitta Castro moved to Pensacola, Florida in an attempt to free his mind focus on music. The musician was well-received by the people in Florida, and the rapper reflected, “They made me feel like I was a legend.

The boost they gave me made me want to get back to making good music as a solo artist. In 2013, Hitta Castro went to Orlando Florida to be with his cousin 3FoldTino to focus and get back to making music and his cousin who is also his producer worked on a full project called “Hittazone”. Hitta Castro made his acting debut in 2014 in Change Of Plans God Ways.

He also amended his friendship with Young Kaii after encountering an almost fatal car crash which he told himself he will only spread positive vibes where the two worked with each other on 2016 “Out Of My Mind” with Twisted Insane, King Baggz. Also the same year Hitta Castro was on the cover of ” The Hype Magazine” & “Real Hot Magazine” Personal life Hitta Castro has two children: Kiani (born 2006), Armani (born 2009), with Asheli Ramos.

The rapper married his girlfriend of one year Michelle Guzman in a private ceremony in Massachusetts in October 2019. The couple met by a mutual friend, an encounter which the rapper described as “love at first sight” Discography Blowing Out Your Speakers (2009) Welcome To The Infantry The Mixtape (2011) Beast On The Beats (2011) I Am S.A.M (2012) Hittazone (2014) Sofrito (2017) The Hitt List (2018) I Will P.U.S.H (2020)